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I don’t feel much shame or pressure when I’m out taking pictures, I got over that the first time I took Miu out for a shoot. But still it is easier when you have a friend.. Toshi and I spent today with some puppets having fun.

Sock Puppets - Hawaii

Sock Puppets - Hawaii

Sock Puppets - Hawaii

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Foley Family photography session.

by on Nov.19, 2010, under Photography

Foley Family

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to spend about half an hour on the beach with the Foley family to take some pictures. This was my first time working with children, they are as hard to get to sit still as you can imagine. But they shine best when they run around so grab what you can!

Foley Family

Foley Family

Foley Family

Foley Family

I’ve got another shoot scheduled for this Sunday, mother and child this time. I’m hoping to perform better this time than last! I need to think more about composition and less about spray-n-pray.

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Stairway to Heaven – Midnight Run

by on Oct.24, 2010, under Photography

Last night a group of us decided to hike the Stairway to Heaven by the moonlight.   It was a new moon so there was plenty of light.  At the top we setup our headlamps and played around for a bit… Here are some of those pictures.

stairway to heaven

stairway to heaven

stairway to heaven

stairway to heaven

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Got some new clothes for Miu

by on Oct.16, 2010, under Dollfie, Photography

Back at the start of the month I ordered some new outfits for Miu.  I’m so used to things shipping and arriving quickly that I forgot these were even in the post.  After finishing a volunteer shift at the Special Olympics fund raiser “Over the Edge”, I stopped by the post office to pick them up.

I’m looking at the possibility of taking Miu out this weekend for another shoot… We will just have to see what sort of free time I end up having.

Miu's new clothes.

Neko Mimi AKA cat ears are totally awesome... they add such a high level of "moe" to any outfit.

Miu's new clothes.

This top looks great on Miu, I liked how it helped cover the shoulder joints. She is also wearing shorts... no pictures of those though. 😛

Miu's new clothes.

This outfit is almost complete! She just doesn't have any shoes that match it...

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First couples shoot

by on Oct.09, 2010, under Photography

Today I was given the chance to do a couples shoot with two people from my place of work.  Being my first time doing a shoot like this I was quite a bit nervous… I wasn’t sure how to direct them or how to convey what I wanted them to do.  I started the shoot using my 70-200mm lens because I want to let them act more naturally around each other while I stayed far away… but the sun was high and creating harsh shadows on their faces.  I had brought along a reflector but without an assistant I couldn’t properly wield it and the camera… I need to bring someone along next time for sure!

I switched over to the 50mm prime to force myself to move around more to and to think more about what I was framing… While I was using this lens I think I got most of the shots I liked from this shoot.  This was also when I got them doing the most fun stuff, playing with each other or going down near the water.

I finished it off using the 24-70mm at the second location.  I really wanted to try a third location but after getting them in the water their clothes were soaked and I didn’t want to drag them around in sopping wet clothing… Besides it would have just looked bad.

All in all it was a great shoot.  I had some doubts beforehand that I could even do it at all but I think it turned out great.  I have a long ways to go and I really must cut down the number of pictures taken.  Spay n’ Pray is not an efficient method by any means.  I hope I’m given more opportunities to shoot like this in the future.  Until then though… I’ll keep on practicing!

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